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An Inconvenient Truth regarding Children’s Health….What Moms Can Do Now!

Maureen McDonnell, RN, Health Editor WNC Woman

Remember when you first saw Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” that depicted the dire state of our environment due to global warming?  It wasn’t easy to watch. But we had to face up to the fact that as a result of the industrialization of our world, carbon emissions, and the creation of 87,000 new chemicals over the past 100 years that found their way into our food, air, soil and water, our world as we knew it was changing….and not for the better!  Subsequent to many of us viewing that movie, as well as scientists and researchers speaking out in support of climate change, a mass movement to save our planet emerged.  Now, carbon emissions are down, more people are choosing to consume pesticide free, organic non GMO foods and many are purchasing toxin free cleaning and personal care products.  Additionally, in Dec 2015 the Paris agreement (a document in which 195 countries agreed to limit global warming) was signed.  It’s never easy, but tides can, and do shift!

So what about our kids and their health?  Well, I’m afraid your reaction to the facts surrounding the current state of ill health our children are experiencing may be similar to those you felt when watching the movie.  I’m obviously no Al Gore….but as a holistic, pediatric registered nurse for more than 35 years, I feel the crisis we now face regarding our children’s health is no longer just a medical one to be kept from the public, but rather it is a moral challenge facing our society that we all must become aware of.    My intention is not to cause anguish and despair, but rather to spur awareness and action (especially by moms) to bring about positive change.  The emphasis of this article, as with the movie is on hope with a focus on effective solutions.

Ready or not, here are the current stats:

  • 54% of the children in this country have one or more chronic illness.
  • There has been a 300% increase in Asthma in the last 30 years (6.7 million kids are affected)
  • 12 million of our kids have Type 2 Diabetes (this is a lifestyle and diet related illness, not genetic)
  • Obesity rates have tripled in children in the last 30 years (17% of children between ages 2 and 19 are either very overweight or obese)
  • 3 million kids suffer from allergies
  • The CDC reports: 1 in 6 children have either a neurological, developmental or behavioral disorder
  • 1 in 6 children in public schools now receive special education
  • ADHD affects 5 million children
  • 1 in 7 school aged children receive antipsychotic medication
  • The Autism rate which was 1 in 5000 30 years ago, is now according to recently released numbers from the CDC,1 in 45… and yes, you read that number correctly…1 in 45!
  • And finally, the Infant Mortality rate of a country is one of the most important indicators of its health as a nation. It is the number of deaths of infants under the age of one year old per 1000 live births. Currently, according to the CDC, the US has a higher infant mortality rate than 27 other countries.  Despite the fact that we spend more on healthcare by far than any other country in the world, a baby born in the US today is less likely to see his first birthday than one born in Hungary, Poland or Slovakia

Why this “new normal” is not normal!     read more….

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