Food Information

Introducing Foods During Infancy and Childhood

  • Breast feed for at least one year.
  • Introduce foods one at a time leaving 3-4 days in between each new food to assess immediate and or delayed reactions. Start with organic, homemade (when possible), vegetables and fruits. Once your child has shown tolerance to most foods, provide a wide variety of nutrient dense organic foods including vegetables, fruits, and quality sources of protein, etc. After one year of age, add gluten free whole grains (millet, brown rice, quinoa, etc.), organic eggs, grass fed beef, chicken, turkey, etc. Children are much less likely to develop food allergies when the introduction of food is postponed, and especially if grains, nuts, eggs are delayed until after a year.
  • Avoid sugar-laden processed foods.
  • If a child is showing signs of irritability, aggression, or attention issues, stabilize their blood sugar levels by offering protein rich snacks and meals every 3-4 hours.

Healthy School Lunches

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Gluten Free/Casein Free Diet

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Specific Carbohydrate Diet

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28 Days to Healthy Living Cleanse – 

  • Excess weight is no longer just about consuming too many calories or not getting enough exercise. Today, with 87,000 man-made chemicals in our air, food, water, etc., it is essential to address the fact that our body stores these toxins in fat cells.  So, until you minimize the toxins you take in, as well as help your body get rid of the ones it is storing in the fat cells, you will not lose weight or maintain your loss.
  • 28 Days to Healthy Living assists the body in detoxing by:
    • Eating organic foods, minimizing your exposure to pesticides
    • Supplementing with products that support the body’s production of Glutathione, the body’s most important detoxification compound
    • Including a body cleanse that assists the liver in cleansing toxins that are released from the breakdown of fat cells

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