28 Days to Healthy Living Cleanse


  • 28 Days to Healthy Living Reduces Inflammation: Consuming the Standard American Diet (SAD) which consists of processed foods, trans fats and sugar laden foods not only causes weight gain but leads to inflammation. Inflammation is now considered the underlying cause of many chronic illnesses including: Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity, Cancer and Dementia. Maureen and Jill will teach you how to eat an anti-inflammatory diet that emphasizes organic whole foods, avoiding pro-inflammatory acidic foods like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, soy, corn and gluten grains, and supplementing with targeted products. By implementing this plan, one can definitely decrease the inflammatory state, thereby preventing or reversing the cascade of events that lead to chronic illness.
  • 28 Days to Healthy Living also supports GI health: Without proper digestion and absorption of food, our immune system, and nervous system cannot function optimally. In this program, we supplement with products that support the health and optimal functioning of the GI system.
  • 28 Days to Healthy Living is a complete and effective strategy for bringing about improved health and weight loss by providing premium products that deliver targeted results and by encouraging exercise and the consumption of whole foods. This comprehensive approach has resulted in many individuals not just losing weight, but they also decrease inflammation, improve their GI function, detox their bodies and ultimately regain a sense of wellness and vitality!
  • This program comes complete with all the supplemental products you need to be successful, as well as menu plans, recipes, coaching, and online support. We set you up for SUCCESS!


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