When it comes to our kid’s health:

Prevention “trumps” Treatment!

However, there are also many safe, effective and natural solutions for the multitude of health and behavioral issues affecting our kids today!

SOKHOP offers well researched  articles, interviews, blog posts and virtual events to provide you with an understanding of the underlying causes of ADHD, Autism, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, Childhood Cancer etc. as well as practical, common-sense strategies for prevention, healing and in some instances recovery from these conditions.

SOKHOP is about taking action NOW to restore our kid’s right to a healthy and happy childhood!

Raising Healthy Kids in a Toxic World

  Raising Happy, Healthy Kids in a Toxic Word      Maureen H. McDonnell, BS, RN I don’t usually pull the “age card” (especially in our youth-oriented society), but I’m going to just ...

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One of the Greatest Gifts You Can Give Your Child (& yourself)

Get Healthy BEFORE You Get Pregnant...  by Maureen McDonnell, RN   We all know there are many factors at play in the days and weeks following conception that are crucial for the ...

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Children’s Health…An Inconvenient Truth….what moms can do NOW!

An Inconvenient Truth regarding Children’s Health….What Moms Can Do Now! Maureen McDonnell, RN Remember when you first saw Al Gore’s movie “An Inconvenient Truth” that depicted the dire state of our environment ...

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Why Juice?

To Juice or Not to Juice?  To juice or not to juice is definitely “not” the question!  I don’t think there is much of a debate regarding the health benefits of ...

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10 Facts about Vaccines

Important Facts To Know Regarding the Current Vaccine Debate We are the mostly heavily vaccinated country in the world. We give 26 vaccines to our babies during their first year ...

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Letter to Senator Tarte re NC SB 346 to remove religious vaccine exemptions

March 23, 2015 Dear Senator Tarte, I have been a Registered Nurse in the field of Pediatrics for over 35 years.  I understand your proposal of SB 346 (requiring children in our ...

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The Pearls and Perils of the Paleo Diet … Looking for the article on the Gut – Brain Connection? it’s here: under the prevention tab

I know how emotionally-charged discussions about diet can get. So, with that in mind, (as well as the fact that for over a decade I was a vegetarian), I’ll be ...

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The Relationship between the Gut and the Brain

Typically, gut specialists (gastroenterologists) and the brain docs (psychiatrists) do not function under the premise that their specialties are in any way related.  However, new understandings have emerged which show ...

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A Top Scientist at the CDC Blew the Whistle!

What does it mean when a top scientist at the Center for Disease Control (William Thompson, PhD) admits that he and the coauthors of a study published in 2004 purposefully ...

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An Adult Topic: Preventing Dementia….

Recently, a neighbor expressed great concern (actually fear) regarding the fact that because her parents developed dementia, she too would follow that same course. I immediately and emphatically responded that we ...

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Super Foods for a long, healthy life!

I know the names Acai (pronounced ahh Sigh Eee), Cacao (pronounced Ca Cow) and Goji sound like exotic, foreign substances, but the truth is these are nutrient-dense “superfoods” that are rapidly ...

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