When it comes to our kid’s health:

Prevention “trumps” Treatment!

However, there are also many safe, effective and natural solutions for the multitude of health and behavioral issues affecting our kids today!

SOKHOP offers well researched  articles, interviews, blog posts and virtual events to provide you with an understanding of the underlying causes of ADHD, Autism, Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, Childhood Cancer etc. as well as practical, common-sense strategies for prevention, healing and in some instances recovery from these conditions.

SOKHOP is about taking action NOW to restore our kid’s right to a healthy and happy childhood!

Are There Safer Ways to Vaccinate Our Children? published in Feb issue of WNC Woman Magazine

Are There Safer Ways to Vaccinate Our Children? Maureen McDonnell, RN “There are unanswered questions about vaccine safety. We need studies on vaccinated populations based on various schedules and doses as ...

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Why the Push to Discredit Dr. Wakefield?

researcher Andrew Wakefield lynched for questioning vaccine safety

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Don’t Believe What You’re Hearing About the Safety of the MMR and the Recklessness of Dr. Wakefiled

We all know what the media can do to a story and even NPR, a station I usually respect has this one wrong! You see Dr. Andrew Wakefield is a ...

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rebuttal to article in Chicago Tribune putting down natural treatments for autism

November 25, 2009Dear Ms. Callahan, Trine Tsouderos and Mr Kern,I have been a pediatric registered nurse for 32 years and was astounded and dismayed to read your recent article ...

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